About story@board


Story@board® draws on proven visualization and story-telling techniques to help individuals, teams, and entire organizations work more effectively. The picture cards encourage employees to use their imagination and intuition to express ideas, pinpoint obstacles, and explore new solutions to ongoing challenges.

boxThe story@board® picture cards depict either a typical business setting like a staff meeting or coffee break, or a symbolic image like a handshake or rising sun. Employees can select the picture cards that best match how they view a particular issue, and explain why—thereby prompting a fruitful discussion. They can also use the picture cards to outline the steps needed to overcome an obstacle on an important project. Managers can use the picture cards to describe a company’s values or outline effective employee behaviors, and business coaches can use the cards to help individuals identify their ideal working environment. The possibilities are endless.

Because story@board® feels more like a game than a staff exercise, it encourages employee participation and spurs creativity—two key success factors in any modern business.

story@board® has already helped numerous organizations with:

• Change management

• Team building

• Team development

• Ice-breaking activities

• Project kick-offs

• Resolving management problems

• Sharing best practices

• Promoting a company culture

• Obtaining employee buy-in

• Building awareness about corporate social responsibility

• Addressing other specific issues, through individual coaching or group training


Many other story@board® uses are waiting to be discovered — get on board now! 

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