Story@board & Mediation ; visual facilitation service support for conflict.

Give the parties:

To go beyond words with the image.
To view the situation, the conflict, precious document to resolve the conflict
Point the situation that wants to achieve
To lighten the mood, or to insert the humor in the image, while taking seriously the situation of the parties.

Gilles Mérilhou, mediator.

“I use story@board in mediation, for example, as an anchor. I ask the parties involved to choose images:

-showing how they met,
-representing them in conflict: it allows them to agree on what led to the conflict and establishes the bases.
-representing an acceptable future situation in the perspective of reopening the link.

In addition, I sometimes also use the cards by asking the parties to give the other a picture showing the state in which they want to see the other one or state in wich they want to be with each other.”

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