Storyboarding & Management at Disney

Storyboarding & Management at Disney

“We are creating a patchwork of sketches and words that depict our original idea. Funny, fantastic, entertaining, stimulating, persuasive, serious or not, our visual thoughts are gradually chiselled to reveal their rough diamonds.”
Disney Imagineers

Originally the invention of storyboarding, Disney, as a company, actually use that goes beyond the process of creating films. In the 1960s, the visualization technique has been recovered by Disney employees to better solve complex problems and improve communication within a group. By making visible the ideas of the group members, it is easier to evolve.

Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, specialists Disney methods and authors of “The Disney Way” share their driving experience storyboarding sessions: “While a 60-minute brainstorming session with 14 participants produced an average of 42 items (questions, ideas, comments), a storyboarding session of the same size and duration occurs between 150 and 300. “
In the simplified version they have developed, they jot down ideas on cards to members of the group and display their products on the walls. Gradually built visual creation of the team, where each member has participated.
Four types of storyboarding are used: the wall ideas, visual planning, visual organization, communicating the wall.

To go further, read “The Disney Way” Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, especially chapter 10 “Capture the Magic with Storyboards”

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