• Interview of Pascal Dubois, organisation coaching

    I introduce myself, Pascal Dubois, organisation coaching. I work with leaders and their teams about some sticky situations which can occur (mergers , acquisitions, reorganizations, change in leadership , strategy development … ), to enable them to reach or exceed their goals. It aims concretely to change individual and collective behavior and their adjustment according to the strategy.

    To maximize efficiency of interventions in this area, I work among a team within the network ACOLIS ( www.acolis.net ) with other certified coaches, who also come from international companies.

    Could you tell us about your journey around story@board cards ?

    This was done in two stages: first one was done by Olivier Piazza (story@board funder) at a manager metting where he presented his cards. And I found them too cold and not expressive enough ( it is also true that I was used to use in my individual coaching some more symbolic cards ).

    Then the convincing testimony of a coach colleague gave me the desire to try it on a case of individual coaching ; when we were formulating the objectives.

    As luck would have it, it was well-timed : asking the client to select cards representing lived situation and those he would see later once the goal achieved, we have specifically mark the field to work , going to the point in a very short time.

    Effective, story@board reassure the client who easily get back  to his world while encouraging him to use his imagination. A well combination of mental abilities (left brain and right brain ) that helps him more easily to formulate his objectives considering real-life situations and outcomes.

    As word of the end?

    As always in coaching, do not stay on its a priori and prejudices, consider any new situation as an opportunity and experiment and practice before deciding : it is always the confrontation with reality that can make grow ( for more details or questions: pad@acolis.net )

    Interviewed by Alexander FRANK story@board team.

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